There are two ways you can use Digital Media.


There are 2 ways you can use Digital Media.

No matter what you do today, whatever is your business or profession, Digital technology has a place for you.

The interesting thing is that Digital Media Literacy is actually Read more

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How to use AI to generate content responsibly

Did you know you should learn how to use AI to generate content? But, there are more reasons to do that carefully, especially in generating texts.

A good amount of writing online today is generated from ChatGPT, Bard, and Read more

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How to win trust on social media – Okwuluora style

How do you win trust of people to the point that strangers willingly donate up to N40 million in 2 days for a stranger in need?

That’s the question Emmanuel Okoh ( Okwuluora Ndi Igbo ) had to answer Read more

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Accelerating Actions for Achieving the SDGs in Nigeria through entrepreneurship and civic engagement?

How can we really accelerate actions to achieving the SDGs in Nigeria through entrepreneurship and civic engagement? This forms the topic of @Shaping the Future Conference 2.0 organised by Boys Champions and Hope for African Children, ably led Read more
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Traditional media being displaced by convergence

The traditional media as we know them will disappear and what will come or has come affects everyone.

Yesterday, I was watching a programme on TV 📺 and one of the participants made a comment that struck a chord.

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Needs Assessment and Development monitoring in Enugu

My last post on engaging community members in planning development projects just reminded me of my experience during the Covid in 2020 while traveling across the Enugu state.

As the leadership of the Enugu State Developemnt Association- Youth Wing, Read more

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Nollywood: What happened to Enugu?

| By Ndụka Odo |

I stumbled on a clip from this classic gangster / campus cultism Nollywood movie, The Generals, starring Jim Iyke, Nonso Diobi, Uche Jumbo, and Mike Ezuruonye.

In the movie, Jim Iyke displays his exquisite Read more

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As Naira crashes to 1,254 to $1

100 Trillion Dollars Note

Pic 1: A Zimbabwe boy out to buy breadPic 2: What you need to buy turkey in Venezuela.Pic 3: One US Dollar  to all the moneyPic 4: 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars notePic 5: Nigeria Read more

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Avoid Comedy, Skits Without Storylines

by Nduka Odo


Skits without storyline are like someone telling you:



Avoid Comedy / Skits Without Storylines

they’ll harm your brain 🧠 in ways you don’t expect.

It’s no longer arguable that Read more

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What Nigerians would’ve learnt Judgement 2023

There are so much more that Nigerians  would have learnt from the PEPT proceedings and Judgement expected today.

Not even the return of democracy to Nigeria in 1999, after years of military misrule, got Nigerians as excited and Read more

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