Accelerating Actions for Achieving the SDGs in Nigeria through entrepreneurship and civic engagement?

How can we really accelerate actions to achieving the SDGs in Nigeria through entrepreneurship and civic engagement?
This forms the topic of @Shaping the Future Conference 2.0 organised by Boys Champions and Hope for African Children, ably led by Noel Ifeanyi Alumona.
Why was the topic able to attract able speakers like Mr. Peter Obi Frank Nweke II, Lloyd Ekweremadu, and a host of others?
Greater number of Nigerians are into one level of entreneurship or another. Any endeavour or project that fails to consider this, will hardly succeed.
And it being hosted in Enugu, South East, the home home of businesspeople, the choice of topic is most relevant.
Individuals have proven more trustworthy in delivering sustainable development in periods when governments come near completely short of its responsibilities.
Even when govts function optimally, individual efforts and civic unions are key tools for development.
Communities come together build infrastructures and ensure security. That’s why we have community schools. And Vigilantes.
Development process flows from individual to family before it gets to community level.
That means that we’re contributing to the achievement of the SDGs without even bint aware of it:
When we make ourselves better citizens,
When make life easier for those around us,
When we run businesses,
When we do our works better,
And when we contribute to community affairs.
When we do all these, we’re accelerating actions to achieving the SDGs in Nigeria through entreneurship and civic engagement.

I remain Ndụka Odo, an experienced multimedia practitioner and educator empowering people and businesses with media and technology.