How to win trust on social media – Okwuluora style

How do you win trust of people to the point that strangers willingly donate up to N40 million in 2 days for a stranger in need?

That’s the question Emmanuel Okoh ( Okwuluora Ndi Igbo ) had to answer during a familiarization visit  and recognition for his humanitarian activities by Peaceland University, Enugu.

Before he shared the steps he took to build such a level of trust, he reiterated one fact I’ve often stated here: Digital Media platforms are powerful tools for building brands.

If you’re not using them to run businesses and causes entirely,
you can employ them as powerful support for your offline, physical businesses.

They reach where traditional media can’t.

To build a brand as powerful as Okwuluora,
He outlined some key steps I find educative:

1. Consistency
between your online brand and your offline life or brand.
You can’t ask people to trust you online while leading untrustworthy life offline.

2. Transparency and Accountability
According to him, people will trust you if you’re sincere and carry them along. They see records and understand every step taken.

3. Commitment.
He usually contributes first before requesting the same from others.

4. Persistence.
It takes time to build genuine brands online.

The summary is that every brand needs a strong presence on digital media,
either at a supportive level or as an entirely online entity.

I remain Ndụka Odo, an experience multimedia practitioner using media and technology to empower people and businesses.