How to use AI to generate content responsibly

Did you know you should learn how to use AI to generate content? But, there are more reasons to do that carefully, especially in generating texts.

A good amount of writing online today is generated from ChatGPT, Bard, and so many more.

If you don’t know how to use them, write prompts, then find a place to learn.

Digital media literacy is now equivalent to basic literacy of being able to read and write.

However, avoid using artificial intelligence for your writing to the point that it’s obvious that AI generated it.

The way there are AI techs that help us to generate digital content: texts, audio, image, and video.

There are also AI techs for detecting AI generated content.

You can easily detect generated texts, especially from ChatGPT, by watching out for some words that I’ve noticed it is fond of repeating:

Words like:

and so on.

And it puts dint on your writing
especially when you’re telling personal stories
or parading as a great writer.

It poses the question of a great writer vs. a great prompter.

So, what should you do?
Avoid using AI to generate content?


Like alcohol says, “drink responsibly”
To generate content, “Use AI responsibly.”

How do you do this?

Use it (ChatGPT):

– to come up with ideas 💡
– to organize your thoughts 🏗
– to refine your writing ✍️
– to seek missing links 🔗

With these, your writing will appear human instead of robotic.
But if you must entirely generate,
then, you should rewrite and eliminate some phrases so that it wears a human face.

~ Ndụka Odo, an experienced multimedia practitioner and educator, empowering people and businesses with media and technology.