There are two ways you can use Digital Media.


There are 2 ways you can use Digital Media.

No matter what you do today, whatever is your business or profession, Digital technology has a place for you.

The interesting thing is that Digital Media Literacy is actually Read more

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How to win trust on social media – Okwuluora style

How do you win trust of people to the point that strangers willingly donate up to N40 million in 2 days for a stranger in need?

That’s the question Emmanuel Okoh ( Okwuluora Ndi Igbo ) had to answer Read more

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Traditional media being displaced by convergence

The traditional media as we know them will disappear and what will come or has come affects everyone.

Yesterday, I was watching a programme on TV 📺 and one of the participants made a comment that struck a chord.

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Social media has changed a lot

Facebook has changed a lot.

Social media

Social media in general

I took a break from the Meta platform and now I clearly notice things that have changed from what it used to be two years ago or 10 Read more

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