FROM 2019: Story Telling, Scriptwriting, and Storyboard for TV and Film workshop

Like play like play, it’s 4 years!

We had the opportunity to host a workshop titled
“Story Telling, Scriptwriting, and Storyboard for TV and Film production” in 2019.

I was very excited due to the fact that
I have always been passionate about film and television.

Enough respect to Paxjoe, for working hard for the workshop.
Blessings to all the paicipants.
Perfect peace to Chidera, who’s gone on the irreversible journey.

When I first began to prepare for the workshop,
I’s excited and apprehensive at the same time.
I started researching different techniques, theories and processes
to ensure that I was able to give the participants an in-depth understanding of the concept.

I decided to have the workshop broken down into three parts.
The first part focused on storytelling, which included the basics of storytelling structure,
how to develop a story,
how to write a script
and how to add unique elements to your story.

The second part focused on scriptwriting,
which included tips for writing dialogue
and how to craft a quality script.

the third part focused on the storyboard,
which focused on the visual aspects of a script,
such as the shots and angles,
and how to utilize a storyboard to make sure that your story is told in the best possible way.

Throughout the workshop,
I also included activities for the participants
to help engage them and get them involved in the process.
These included short exercises such as writing a one-page script,
developing a storyboard and performing a story-telling role-play.

At the end of the workshop,
I was extremely proud of the work that we had done together.
I felt like the participants had gained an understanding
of the basics of storytelling, scriptwriting and storyboard
and were more confident in their abilities to create quality work.

It was an amazing experience that I look back on fondly. – Nduka Odo

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