Is Nigeria practicing racism against self?

Most foreigners (Indians, Chinese, Arabs, Europeans, Americans) working in Nigeria, heading units and departments, do not possess half of the qualifications, training and experiences of their Nigerian subordinates.
In one of the Electricity Distribution Companies, a head of unit who’s a Nigerian with education up to PhD in engineering and work of experience across three continents was threatened and harassed by another head of unit who’s Indian.
The Indian is a young man with no bachelor’s degree but a diploma in engineering.

But I don’t blame the foreigners. The CEO and Chairman of the company is a Nigerian. He has lesser regards to his fellow countrymen but elevates and respects opinions and views of foreigners no matter their experience.
It’s ironical.
When Nigerians go abroad, they have to prove themselves to be regarded and validated. Citizens of the country take precedence.
Yet, back home. It all takes you to be a foreigner to be regarded and validated. And your affairs take precedence.

It’s more like practicing racism against oneself. I call it a special kind of inferiority complex.
That’s double unfairness.
Our educational standard maybe comparative below.
But graduates of Nigeria institutions still excel all over the world.
Without Nigerian trained doctors, nurses and health professionals, health systems may have collapsed in some developed countries like UK and US.

This bad culture has to stop. It’s OK for foreigners to work in Nigeria.
But like Europeans and North American currently tilt to, merit not some prejudice should take precedence in work environment.
Nigerians deserve their respect, especially at home.

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