Filmmaking Course outline

Course Title: Filmmaking

Course Description: This course will introduce students to the basic principles and techniques of filmmaking. Through a combination of lectures, screenings, and hands-on exercises, students will gain a practical understanding of the filmmaking process from pre-production to post-production. Topics covered will include screenwriting, cinematography, sound design, editing, and distribution.

Week 1: Introduction to Filmmaking

  • Overview of the course
  • History of filmmaking
  • Introduction to film theory and analysis
  • Introduction to film equipment

Week 2: Screenwriting

  • Introduction to storytelling and character development
  • Elements of screenwriting
  • Writing exercises and feedback


Week 3: Pre-Production

  • Conceptualization and planning
  • Storyboarding and shot lists
  • Casting and location scouting


Week 4: Cinematography

  • Camera types and functions
  • Basic camera movements and shots
  • Lighting and composition


Week 5: Sound Design

  • Introduction to sound recording and editing
  • Sound design for different genres
  • Foley sound creation


Week 6: Production

  • Directing techniques
  • Set management and crew roles
  • Shooting exercises and feedback


Week 7: Post-Production

  • Introduction to editing software
  • Basic editing techniques
  • Color grading and visual effects


Week 8: Distribution and Exhibition

  • Overview of film festivals and markets
  • Film marketing and distribution strategies
  • Presentation of final student projects


By the end of this course, students will have developed a solid understanding of the filmmaking process and will have produced a short film project that they can add to their portfolio.