Devils light

“Devil’s Light” selected in Brazil

We didn’t let you that our short film “Devil’s Light” was selected in far away Brazil for the 6th FICNOVA 2022. “Festival Internacional de Cine de la Nonviolencia Activa”. This translate to “Active Nonviolence International Film Festival”.

“FICNOVA is an initiative that is celebrated around the 2nd of October every two years, thus commemorating the International Day of Nonviolence declared by the United Nations. The competition phase has been held every two years since the second edition in 2014, following the unanimous decision of all the organizing venues taken in May 2015. It is organized by the non-profit Humanist Association FICNOVA in collaboration with other humanist organizations, associations, entities and people who share the transforming sensitivity of active nonviolence, in different cities of different countries.”

The official selection email reads in part:


We are pleased to inform you that the International Organising Team of the 6th FICNOVA 2022, has decided to admit your film Devil’s Light. into the Official Selection.

The selection criteria were based on three main aspects:

That the works show a denunciation of a situation of violence or discrimination.
That they provide a non-violent solution or a positive transfer of the situation.
That they open up the future as an inspiring example beyond the culture itself.
FICNOVA organising team.

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