Avoid Comedy, Skits Without Storylines

by Nduka Odo


Skits without storyline are like someone telling you:



Avoid Comedy / Skits Without Storylines

they’ll harm your brain 🧠 in ways you don’t expect.

It’s no longer arguable that we consume more media contents through the internet than through the traditional forms of communication.

The chief beneficiary of the digital boom is
🤡comedy and

Comedies are funny performances intended to illicit laughter.

Skits are short acts recorded for the same purpose.

Video recording gears became more available and that have enabled more to get involved in contents production.

As data and higher end smartphones become more accessible, more people can now go online and watch videos. Or consume other forms of media.

These skits help us to
🛌calm our nerves, and
🚶‍♂️🔥get through harsh days.

There are reasons you watch only those with storyline.

Having a storyline simply means having a beginning, the middle, and an ending.

The beginning introduces you to the story and the character.

The middle is full of conflicts, misunderstanding, doubts, fights, clashes, and confusion.

This why the actors and the viewers shout, “What!”

And then, you watch on to know what.

It reaches the climax.

Then, sense start entering those in the story, the characters.

In good stories, it’s at this point that anyone viewing starts making sense of the story.
That’s when you say,
“Oh, wow! So this is why what happened earlier happened?”

Then, you watch on to know how the actors will resolve the problem.
You hold your breath.

They resolve it.

Then you breathe down.

This is what every story should take you through; whether it’s a 15 seconds skit or 2 hours Nollywood movie.

Without a storyline, the skit won’t lead you from problem to resolution. The ending which gives you gratification in the forms of denouement and catharsis.

Skits without storyline are like someone telling you, “WHEN I SAW YOUR SISTER”.

Full stop 🛑

It leaves your head
🤯waiting for more, and

But because Skits are done in funny ways, you laugh 😃 it off. However, they leave the same issues in your brain.

All the factors gradually build up to leave the consumer of such contents with
🖲low attention disorder,
🖲inability to concentrate for long,
🖲addiction ( to watch more in order to satisfy their brain which was dissatisfied or left hallow by previous videos),
🖲🖲plus all other media effects.

📸📸: Are of some of Nigeria’s finest skitmakers📸

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I remain Ndụka Odo, an experienced multimedia practitioner and educator using media and technology to empower people and businesses.