As Naira crashes to 1,254 to $1

100 Trillion Dollars Note

Pic 1: A Zimbabwe boy out to buy bread
Pic 2: What you need to buy turkey in Venezuela.
Pic 3: One US Dollar  to all the money
Pic 4: 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars note
Pic 5: Nigeria  Naira exchange rates.

As Nigerians, it used to be a kind of fairytale or distant news story to hear things like this.

That in Zimbabwe ,  there’s a single note of 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars.
and that such could not buy a loaf of bread.  you could be walking on the road and find 800 Trillion lying on the ground.

It was also such distant news to hear that one needed a barrow load of money  to buy cups of rice in Venezuela .

Today, Naira has tumbled right before us.
It’s even scarier to think that just in the late 1970s and easy 1980s, one Naira was equivalent to one Dollar.

Now it goes for $1 to N1,154.

The United Arab Emirates currency, Dirham has constantly exchanged for 3.67 Dirham to a dollar for decades.

The painful part of the decaying Naira is that those responsible for maintaining and stabilising it, seem unconcerned.

The government still take foreign and local loans on behalf of the nations. But what fo they chiefly do with the loans?

To gift  themselves latest foreign SUVs!

You close your eyes, open it, and ask, What’s the way forward?

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