Hoha Television and Film Academy collaborates Galaxy Consults to host: “Ordeal for Rebirth 1” – An Unforgettable Experience

Last month, Hoha Television and Film Academy Enugu collaborated with Galaxy of Stars Consult had the pleasure of hosting a mesmerizing night of theatre and storytelling at the renowned Mama Pia Auditorium, located in the heart of Peaceland University, Enugu. This captivating event, known as “Ordeal for Rebirth 1,” was the result of a powerful collaboration between our organization and Galaxy of Stars Consult.

With a mission to bring about positive social impact, our initiative specifically targets the youth, aiming to steer their focus away from harmful vices and towards constructive endeavors. Through the art of storytelling, we wove together a collection of compelling narratives, each brimming with profound messages and life-changing lessons.

To capture the essence of this extraordinary experience, we documented the event through engaging video footage and captivating pictures. These visual mediums truly convey the depth and emotion of the stories shared that night, making it an unforgettable encounter for all involved.

Building upon the success of our inaugural event, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming second edition, scheduled for June 30, 2023, at the Mama Pia Auditorium, where the magic first unfolded. With this evocative theme, we are poised to deliver yet another thought-provoking and inspiring evening of storytelling.

Our commitment to fostering positive change in the lives of young individuals remains steadfast. By leveraging the power of collaboration and education, we endeavor to ignite a passion for film and storytelling in aspiring filmmakers and actors. As a testament to this commitment, we proudly  offer educational opportunities in film, cinematography, scriptwriting, and various aspects of the television and broadcasting industry.

We invite you to join us on June 30, 2023, as we continue our mission to empower the youth through the transformative medium of theatre. Experience the enchantment of #Hoha, be captivated by the art of storytelling, and witness the immense talent nurtured by the Peaceland community. Together, let us create a brighter future through the magic of theatre, film, and the power of storytelling.

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