8 Years of Bad Leadership can Ruin Your Life

As I picked up my Voter’s Card today,
transferred from old location,
I noticed a striking difference in my pictures in the new and the old PVCs.

The old one, got in 2014, has the picture of a young man,
2+ years out of the university,
barely any facial hairs, and about 10 months as a broadcast journalist.

The new one features an entirely different man,
from the face to experiences to exposures.
A lot has changed.

A thought crept into my mind:

Eight years are enough to transform the destiny of a person or a nation.
Eight years are also enough to ruin the beautiful destiny of a nation or person
A single policy, action or inaction of a govt can destroy a citizen’s life plan.

While we may grow through pains and hardship,
Like the cloud does not stop the movement of the sun,
Good governance catapults individual efforts of citizens.

Often, in Nigeria, we know a bad candidate
Still we vote them
because we cling to the biases they sell.

So, we better realize 8 years of bad leadership can ruin the beautiful destiny of a citizen.

Strong and effective leadership is essential
for the well-being and success of any individual, community, or nation.
Poor leadership has devastating consequences.

Imagine another awful president after Buhari!
That’s 16 or 12!
The impact can be particularly severe,
as it allows ample opportunity for harmful policies and decisions
to take root and do irreparable damage.

Our country is one where most leaders are corrupt, self-serving, and unable or unwilling to address the needs and concerns of their citizens.
They favor own interests or cronies’ over the common good.

Such a leader might also neglect vital social and economic issues,
leading to widespread poverty, inequality, and suffering among the general population.

They squander resources and opportunities, leaving the country worse off than it was before.

8 years of bad leadership can ruin people’s lives
by depriving them of their basic rights and needs,
as well as their prospects for a better future.

It can create a culture of fear and hopelessness,
and leave a lasting legacy of damage and division.

Ruling APC government breaks records in bad governance.

Bad leadership can erode people’s sense of self-worth and dignity.
Bad leadership divides and polarizes communities.

So, it’s important that Nigerians vote the best candidate in 2023.
Bad economy, inflation, insecurities, poor infrastructures
Don’t distinguish party loyalty, ethnic, religious and regional backgrounds.
We all buy petrol at N280 per litre
up from N87 it’s before APC took over.
Same with rice: from N8000 to N48000.
It’s crucial we support leaders who are honest, compassionate, available, approachable, ready to listen, and committed to the greater good.

Let’s not be the good citizens who elect bad leaders by not voting.
Let’s build a functional Nigeria.
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