When I become Nigeria president, I’ll do one thing only

When I become Nigeria’s president
I’ll do one thing,
One thing only in 4 years
And leave the rest!

I’ll pick one of education
or health or agriculture or industries or security or …
and treat it completely
such that it’d never be a problem in Nigeria ever again.

We’ve had 4 points agenda
7 points agenda
Vision 2020
And here we are in 2023,
24 years after democracy returned 1999,
63 years after Nigeria got Independence in 1960,

The standard of living has not improved
For the majority of Nigerians.

So, my suggestion is that
Whoever becomes the president in 2023
Should pick one problem
And solve it completely
Such that
It’ll never be a problem ever again in Nigeria.

Let’s just imagine that
Obasanjo used 1999 to 2003
To solve electricity only and completely
And used 2003 to 2007
To solve transportation only and completely

And Yar’Adua and Jonathan used 2007 to 2011
To solve agriculture only and completely
And Jonathan used 2011 to 2015
To solve health only and completely
And Buhari used 2015 to 2019
To solve education only and completely
And used 2019 to 2023
To solve security only,

And they use each 4 years to solve only one problem completely,
Such that it would never constitute challenge to Nigeria again,

Imagine how Nigeria would have been
between 1999 and 2023?

1999-2003: electricity ✅
2003-2007: transportation ✅
2007-2011: agriculture ✅
2011-2015: health ✅
2015-2019: education ✅
2019-2023: security ✅

Whoever comes 2023 would have focused on another issue.
But here we are
dancing around,
politicians pretending they’re “bringing” development.

If we continue with this system of cosmetic approach to development,
Even in 6000 years,
Nigeria will never improve.

Any leader who’s going in
Should pick just one problem bedeviling the country
And ensure that by the end of 4 years,
The sector will be self-sustaining
and no longer a problem
or, at least for 50 years.

Manifestos should be treated as business plan,
each candidate and party pick what they think is the top priority need of the nation.
They present the problem there,
and outline how they intend to solve it,
in clearly measurable 10 key-points.

People vote who /party they think presented the most pressing need,
and the best solutions for the need.

Each point rates 10 %.
Scores 40 and below = means life ban plus reparation of earned salaries / allowances
Scores between 50 and 70 = life ban from any public post.
Only a person and their party who score 80 to 100 are allowed to re-contest.

This way,
Nigeria will get rid of bad politicians
and promote excellently performing leaders.

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