There are two ways you can use Digital Media.


There are 2 ways you can use Digital Media.

No matter what you do today, whatever is your business or profession, Digital technology has a place for you.

The interesting thing is that Digital Media Literacy is actually Read more

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6 Reasons I don’t Advertise with This Radio Station

On air at Minaj Systems Radio and Television (MSR 89.4FM, Obosi, 2014)

I’ve spent my adult life studying and working in media indsutry; I can easily tell when a radio or TV station “dey miss yarn”.

There’s a radio Read more

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Unforgettable Success: Theatre Triumph with ‘Ordeal of Rebirth Season 2’ Ignites Social Impact

🌟🎭🎉 We nailed it 🎉🎭🌟 I’m thrilled to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who made our event a resounding triumph. From the incredible audience who filled the venue with electric energy to the talented cast and crew who Read more

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